Point Sticks


So, what do you know about laptop point stick? Well, laptop point stick is a small device located in the midpoint of a computer keyboard, which is moved with a fingertip to position a pointer. Point sticks are present on lots of brands of notebooks; sometimes they can be found on computer keyboards and mice.

Point sticks for laptops look like pencil erasers since of their rubber fabric. Point stick for laptops is located between the G, H and B keys. The point stick operates by sensing applied force. It usually has a replaceable rubber cap, that varies in colors on different laptops. In order to move the mouse pointer around the screen you have to push point stick with your finger.

By the way, lots of people find a laptop point stick more suitable than a mouse. May be it is time to think of replacing your optical mouse?

Pointstick is especially preferred by touch-typists as it’s one of the few pointing devices that doesn’t require the users to remove their fingers from the home row. In contrast to a touchpad, a pointstick allows users for moving the cursor large distances without the need to pause to reposition their finger.

Some user find it easier to finely position the pointer than when using a touchpad as there is practically no “dead zone”. One minus is that since the pointstick depends on the user applying pressure, it can cause hand cramps.

Generally, each laptop manufacturing company standardizes on a single pointing device, like a pointstick or a touchpad, and some companies offer both.

Choosing Pointsticks For Laptops

What will you do if your laptop pointstick stops working for some reason? Replacing it shouldn’t be a problem! Search for the suitable pointstick for your notebook brand and replace the old one. You may contact your manufacturer or browse our catalog. We offer vast assortment of various laptop accessories at really affordable prices and you can be sure to find what you are looking for in the most convenient way!

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